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PS4 Owners: Get Ready For Another Update

(Screencapture Courtesy

(Screencapture Courtesy

It became a running joke between a good friend and I that each and every time we switched on our PS3s a software update was required. Not to be outdone, the PS4 is getting ready to push out another big firmware update according to

The video game site suggests that the largest part of this update will be SHAREfactory - you know, another way for you to share your gameplay to the .0001 people that actually spend their days watching the clips and live streaming of you playing games. Honestly, the next-gen consoles have been absolutely incredible but their focus on "sharing" your gameplay is puzzling. Is there actually an audience out there watching other people play? 

The update will also allow gamers to pre-download and install a game before its release date, assuring that you can play the exact moment that a game is "released."

Posted on April 17, 2014 and filed under Video Games.