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Gushing About The Guardians

Amy Pond, you've changed! And it makes us all feel kinda funny... (Courtesy Marvel)

From the moment Peter (aka "Star-Lord") Quill breaks the cliche careful Indiana Jones approach to collect an artifact within an ancient temple, kicking on his Sony Walkman and sauntering and dancing in time to Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love", I knew I was hooked.

Guardians has been crushing it at the box-office this weekend, and rightly so... the film is infused with a lot of fun, a lot of nostalgia and reverence for the films that it have inspired it, and all-in-all is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

After several promising trailers, my anticipation (and my expectations) of Marvel's latest Guardians of the Galaxy were higher that normal for blockbuster films. I've adopted a new policy as of late with films that I'm eagerly anticipating that I'll watch the proper release trailers and then nothing else in order to keep as much surprise as possible to the experience of seeing the film. Especially in this spoiler-frenzy based internet world, it's pretty difficult. I'd often have to quickly close web browser pages or excuse myself from conversations in order to avoid any details. In fact, just before heading to the theater on Sunday, I was in conversation with the webmaster of and she almost divulged a surprise literally an hour or two before viewing. But sticking my head in the sand and knowing very little about a film has worked out pretty well with movies like Snowpiercer, The Winter Soldier and others and actually heightened the experience.

Truth be told, if I were still an eight-year old kid, I'd be going bonkers right now for Guardians. Wanting every toy, wanting to be Star-Lord on the playground during recess, it's that type of film that I can only hope the younger set will latch onto the way that I think I would have. I plan on seeing the film on the big screen (and suggest that you do the same) at least once or twice more - there's so many things in the background of The Collector's vault like Dark Elves, and artifacts and others that I couldn't take in completely in one viewing. So caught up in the fun and excitement of the main story, my eyes didn't wander much around the frame to glimpse any of the amazing detail that was put into the film.

And so shocked at who appears in the tag at the end of the credits was I, that I didn't get to enjoy the whole moment because I was too busy exclaiming out loud, "What!? WHAT??!" I won't spoil this moment here in hopes that the experience for those of you who haven't seen it won't be ruined for you either - we can discuss in the comments section for those that wish to remain spoiler-free - but it was another one of those moments where you have to admire Marvel for giving their audience the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure other executives would have taken that moment and said, "You know, I don't think a lot of people are going to understand this. Can't we do something with more mass appeal?" But Marvel sticks to its guns and delivers once again.

Thanks Guardians of the Galaxy for reminding me how much damn fun summer movies can be again. Eight-year old me and thirty-something year old me are both incredibly appreciative.

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Second Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

"What a bunch of a-holes..." The Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to save the universe. (Courtesy Marvel)

In complete seriousness, whomever is editing the trailers for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy deserves a gold star. The very careful craftsmanship of the original trailer and now the recently revealed second trailer are going above and beyond to convey the tone and quirk of the series in their short amount of time.

Yesterday, Marvel released a second trailer that gives us our first listen to Groot's voice, let's Rocket do a little talking, and introduces us to "Awesome Mix #1" which presumably will be on a constant loop in my car if someone clever at Disney/Marvel releases said mixtape to the public.

Here's that trailer for your viewing pleasure: