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Sony Releases "Popeye" Animation Test

Sadly, Robin Williams passed away before being able to provide his spot on Popeye voice for the film.

Well, blow me down. This is how you modernize a classic. I've been a huge fan of Genndy Tartakovsky with his amazing work on Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and of course Samurai Jack. And I was really pleasantly surprised by his most recent film Hotel Transylvania, even though I shouldn't have doubted him in the first place considering his track record. 

Just recently I learned that he's been working on a new Popeye film. While most updates and reboots leave you feeling cold and alone, facing the harsh realities that kids are more into the modernization done in the recent Smurfs and Alvin and the Chipmunk incarnations, Tartakovsky's looks absolutely amazing.

To convey that the new incarnation of Popeye won't lose any of the original's heart, humor, and frantic motion, Sony Pictures Animation released a test clip today that is fittingly introduced by Tartakovsky who explains that he's been destined to work on Popeye since he was a young boy.

Just try and watch this video without at least a giggle of childhood nostalgia and genuine entertainment.