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Bits & Bobs - 1st Edition

Lots of super cool and interesting things out there in the wild, and often I come across a few that I want to share or I think are particularly awesome but don't really call for a full-on blog or news item. Enter the Bits & Bobs column. Here's a few things that I've seen that I think are noteworthy (and worth your time and attention, even if for a brief moment)...

Saturday Night Live Announces Darrell Hammond as New Announcer

"Ruff! Just like your mother likes it, Trebek!"

With the sad passing of long-time announcer Don Pardo, who started off every episode of SNL since 1975, there was an iconic voice that welcomed you to New York on a Saturday evening who was lost. Enter fourteen season SNL-alumn Darrell Hammond, whom the show has announced will take Pardo's place beginning with the upcoming premiere. Also of note, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the show.

Ghostbusters' Ernie Hudson Revisits Filming Locations

Though technically the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters was back in June of this year, to coincide with this week's DVD/Blu-ray re-release of the films there has been a frenzy of cool news items all over the internet this week. Beyond the Marquee has been doing a series of great pieces including a tour of Ol' Firehouse 23 here in downtown Los Angeles (which I was able to tour a few times when I first moved out here when it was under the care of a well-meaning but disorganized caretaker). One of my favorite items that I've seen this week though is a video from Entertainment Weekly where Ernie Hudson takes a camera crew around New York City and waxes nostalgic on filming there over thirty years ago.

Major League Soccer Updates Their Logo

Experiencing a surge in popularity after this year's World Cup, the MLS has redesigned their organization's logo for a more modern and sophisticated audience. Many of the design elements in the MLS were a result of those "extreme" 90's trends and have been in place for just as long but the new logo gives the league an international feel. Now if only the MLB would force the Colorado Rockies to come up with something that isn't so 90's...

Where in the World is Janine Melnitz?

Sorry Janine, guess that's what happens when you decide to date a Tully?

Ghostbusters is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary (a few months late, as the film was originally released in June of 1984). The film is enjoying a re-release in theaters having taken in over two million at the box office during the Labor Day weekend and a crispy new 4K transfer coming to Blu-ray on September 16th.

As part of the festivities, media coverage involving Ghostbusters has hit a fever pitch. One of the more interesting segments that has been released is a fun interview in front of the Hook & Ladder No. 8 in New York City with Janine Melnitz herself, Annie Potts. In the short video, the actor muses over where she believes the famed Ghostbusters secretary might be after thirty years. And her career success (or lack thereof) might surprise you.

Here's the video care of Vanity Fair: 

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