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Orphan Black "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion" Recap and Discussion

Alison and Donnie (Tatiana Masiany and Kristian Bruun) attend Aynsley's funeral. (Courtesy BBC America)

Orphan Black really is coming out swinging on the second episode of its second season. Lots of revelations in the mouthful of a titled "Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion", Helena is still alive, saved by a mysterious group calling themselves the Prolethians. The mysterious zealot group apparently also has Sarah's daughter though through some keen detective work between Sarah and Art a very different scenario reveals itself involving Mrs. S. Alison comes clean about Aynsley to Felix and believes her husband to be her monitor. The two have an incredible scene together that makes you wish that an Alison/Felix Dynasty-type spin-off was on the horizon.

In the episode it's revealed Mrs. S knows about the mysterious Project LEDA. What's her involvement in the project? And while we're asking questions, just what's Art's partner's deal? 

Join us in the discussion after the jump, won't you?

Also for those interested, Visual Effects giant Cinefex has posted an excellent blog on the history of "Twinning" in the movies and how the effect is achieved in Orphan Black. Check it out here.