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Destiny Retail Release Will Scrap Your Beta Characters

Check out Star-Lord there... he's a Warlock, you know?

At a certain point into playing the Destiny Beta a few weeks ago, I decided to stop playing - automatically assuming that both my progress and my character/XP wouldn't carry over to the September release of the actual game. 

Bungie has indeed confirmed that the characters that players ran through the trials of the Beta will not carry over to the retail release of the game and everyone will be starting over from the ground up. Not a big surprise, but glad that I didn't spend that much time leveling up and equipping my character.

According to the IGN article, Bungie attempted to transfer player's hard-earned Beta characters over to the full version of the game but the result ended up a buggy mess that wouldn't have been fulfilling.

Will you guys be playing when the full version is released in September? And secondary question, which console will you be using?

Posted on August 11, 2014 and filed under Video Games.