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New Still Playing with Toys Podcast with Drew Drescher

Drew puts aside the fact that I'm responsible for his biggest knee injury in a hockey game and chats on the SPT Podcast with us...

Happy Monday, SPTers! The week already getting you down? Fear not, we've got some goodness for you to put into your earholes to cheer you up. An all-new episode of the Still Playing with Toys Podcast is live and on the webs featuring the amazing Drew Drescher. An old friend of mine from high school, Drew and I sure miss getting to geek out over all sorts of things and as a former Games Workshop staffer and all-around cool guy, Drew and I chat Gen Con 2014, his excitement over new Fantasy Flight titles, his venture back into Diablo III after some time off, and a little Guardians of the Galaxy chat. Spend a minute (or twenty) with us, will you?

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