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Revisiting the Pages from X-Men Battle of the Atom

Past, present and future X-Men all come together to battle... okay, who brought the panther in the middle?

Doc Brown warned that seeing your past self seeing your future self could cause a temporal paradox of disastrous proportions. But Hank McCoy scoffs in the face of the Doc's interpretations of temporal displacement...

I'm a little behind on my reading, having just now turned the corner on a lot of the books in my read pile that have been there since Fall of 2013 (I know, I know). But highlight among what I'm reading right now are all of the various X-related titles that restarted with Marvel NOW. I might have been in the minority that enjoyed what Schism and AvX setup in terms of two very different factions of X-Men with two very different beliefs and values. I've actually never really cared for Scott Summers/Cyclops as a character, so pitting him into a role where I'm supposed to despise this guy actually works for me.

Truth be told, the Schism/AvX run leading into All-New X-Men has gotten me really back into the X-titles. Considering that it was published to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men, it was an interesting way to put past and present, and even explore the future, into one book that actually felt organic. Sure, one could argue that McCoy should be smarter than to know bringing past incarnations of the team into the future could have enormous consequences on the timeline, but let's let it slide for the purposes of the storytelling.

Deception from the "future X-Men" and the twists and turns that come with the story were unexpected and fun. I enjoyed the self-referential moments, especially those called out as Maria Hill monitors from afar, which call out the constant bickering and drama that's been present with the X-Men since their inception. 

But most importantly and worth noting, I enjoyed that Battle of the Atom was a fairly contained event. Right now, I'm catching up on Trinity War and Batman: Zero Year which have been incredibly frustrating trying to track down random issues of Justice League Dark or Constantine in order to get the entire story. Battle of the Atom was thankfully relegated to the All-New/Uncanny/X-Men titles with the couple of proper event books which made for easy and clear reading. 

Now that I'm (somewhat) caught up with the masses, did you guys read it? What were your impressions? Let's talk comics!