Bits & Bobs - 2nd Edition


Bits & Bobs collects some of the cool things around the interwebs that I think are noteworthy and worth your time but don't necessarily fill up a full blog post or news item. On with the show...

Awesome Flux Capacitor MacBook Decal from Etsy

The people of etsy never fail to impress and come up big once again with this offering from Vinyl Smack: a flux capacitor from Doc Brown's famed DeLorean in Back to the Future. The decal sits over the Apple logo on your MacBook shell and utilizes the light to make the device appear like it's... fluxing. It's what makes time travel possible, and it's what makes you the super-cool geek who is the envy of all your friends the next time you bust out that laptop at a company meeting. Check out Vinyl Smack's shop on etsy for a video and to purchase one of your own. (Note: I'm pretty sure this doesn't mean that your MacBook will run off Mr. Fusion. Yet.)

Starlog Magazine Returns

I'm not sure how long it's been back, but one of the magazines that was responsible for so many of my insights into my favorite films throughout the 80s and 90s has made a resurgence. Starlog Magazine, which shuttered in April of 2009 appears to be back thanks to the magic of the internet. As of this past July it appears that a new Twitter feed as well as a web-based blog and article portal has popped back up feeding news items from around the web. The site also has interviews and reviews, plus an archival of some of the magazine's finest retro articles. As of now, it appears to be more akin to a SlashFilm or Collider rather than the in-depth source that it once was, but maybe it'll get back up to speed and mirror the glory days soon.

Nerdist Swag Shop Opens

Chris Hardwick continues his domination of all things pop culture and geek as his website expands to now include a merch store with Nerdist logos galore. I've been waiting to pick up a t-shirt and his awesome but extremely nerdy (fittingly) convention jacket and immediately picked up both. But if you're a fan of the amazing Nerdist podcasts, the website, or Hardwick himself it's definitely worth heading to the store to check out the wares that are currently available. There's also a limited-edition "fall exclusive" t-shirt up that incorporates the familiar Nerdist logo into a pumpkin for you autumn junkies.

Posted on October 1, 2014 and filed under Bits & Bobs.