New Extended Trailer for Star Wars: Rebels

TK-421, what is your origin story? The public must know!

Lucasfilm and Disney XD released a new 2:27 trailer for their forthcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels today. Presumably this is part of their ramp up to the San Diego Comic-Con where I'm sure a great deal of information on the series will be released. 

The series still appears to be aimed for a younger audience, and looks to be much lighter in tone than the Clone Wars series (especially the later sixth Netflix-exclusive season, which was particularly dark but absolutely fantastic). This trailer emphasizes the fun and adventure while stressing that we'll be seeing things through the young eyes of Ezra, who is pulled into the Rebellion Joseph Campbell-style. There's lots of great imagery and luckily, this trailer doesn't have any difficulty evoking that classic Star Wars feel, which was one of the biggest complains about the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars: Rebels premieres on Disney XD (which means if you're like me and on Dish Network, you'll be watching in glorious standard definition... gross) this October.

Posted on July 22, 2014 and filed under TV.