Bringing Batgirl Back

Barbara's got a brand new bag... and a good looking costume. (Courtesy

Dammit, I love Gail Simone. Her run on Wonder Woman was incredible, she helped open my eyes to Birds of Prey, her Deadpool books were admittedly the first that I'd read that introduced me to the character, and yes - though people all have their gripes about how Babs came back with the New 52 reboot, I actually have been enjoying her run on Batgirl.

But starting this October with issue 35, MTV broke news that Gail Simone is stepping down from Batgirl and being replaced by a new creative team of Cameron Stewart and Brent Fletcher (with art fittingly by Babs Tarr). The character is getting a complete redesign from the ground up and the book promises to infuse a whole new look and feel to the Batgirl ongoing series.

And I think this is a great move.

A look at the new Batgirl revamp from top to bottom thanks to MTV. Note the more sensible take on a few things? (Courtesy MTV)

Based on the design and the interview at MTV with Stewart and Fletcher, it sounds like DC is taking note of what has made Captain Marvel such an impactful character over at Marvel. Make her fun, make her strong, make her identifiable to men, women, boys and girls. Infuse some of the spirit that made the character popular in the first place by giving her a sense of adventure. And it sounds like they're going to make the character a bit of an antithesis to the dark and brooding Bat-books, which will be a breath of fresh air in the New 52 line.

What do you guys think about the new Barbara Gordon? Sound off in the comments, eh?