SPT Remembers Bob Hoskins

Mario and Luigi (Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo) from the Super Mario Bros. live-action film. (Courtesy Hollywood Pictures)

I know what you're thinking… "Troy, of all the films that this man has graced his presence with - Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Hook, Brazil, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', Nixon, Michael, on and on and on… why choose Super Mario Bros., the film that he had always expressed disappointment for?"

It's no secret that I hold the Super Mario Bros. live-action film in a dear place of my heart, for so many reasons that people abhor the film, I have grown to adore it. It was weird, it looked super-cool, and these two guys that weren't even remotely Italian really were the epitome of cool. Sure, it probably is a terrible movie, but I still love Super Mario Bros. And Bob Hoskins' presence in that film was one of the biggest drawing factors to that.

That tangent about Mario aside, Hollywood lost another great today, at the age of 71. Hoskins had just recently retired from acting, a result of his deteriorating health from a Parkinsons diagnosis. The BBC is reporting that he passed after contracting pneumonia. 

This weekend why not pop in Roger Rabbit, Hook, or one of the many films that you grew up with that Hoskins was largely responsible for and enjoy in his honor?

Posted on April 30, 2014 and filed under Movies.