Orphan Black "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" Discussion Thread

Tatiana Maslany stars as multiple clone characters in BBC's "Orphan Black" (Photo Courtesy BBC America)

The biggest surprise for me over the past year was just how much I dug Orphan Black. On the surface level, the show could just as easily have been one of the Sci-Fi (SyFy for those that insist on using the branding) series that gains a cult following, but it's far more than that. Tatiana Maslany is fantastic throughout the show, the way that she's able to seamlessly create multiple versions of the same character - exuding their personalities (and even having to portray one clone pretending to be another) is incredible to watch.

Another draw to the series is that I absolutely have no idea where things are going from episode to episode. There's no predictability to the plot which is refreshing. There are handlers? There's a big-bad corporation involved? Wait... did they seriously just kill that character? 

The first episode of the second season airs this Saturday on BBC America - make sure to watch or DVR then come back to SPT to discuss!

Posted on April 18, 2014 and filed under Discussion Threads, TV.