Welcome to Still Playing with Toys

Hello everyone and welcome to the all-new Still Playing with Toys. It's all neat and shiny, isn't it? It still has that new website smell too (which won't last long after we eat McDonalds inside the website for the first time). If you're new here, thanks for dropping by - here's what we're all about: there's a ton of pop culture goodness for you up in that top menu. Chatting about all the things that we think are cool in movies, comics, video games, toys, and more. Let's do some discussing, shall we?

SPT and Troy are also the productive sort, and you'll find a portfolio of all Troy's work here as well as some upcoming stuffs. Troy's a dabbler, which makes organizing this site a pain in the buns. So under the Still Playing with Toys banner up above you'll find info on the books, comics, DVD/Blu-ray projects, and more which Troy has been a part of.

If you're an old-timer, you'll notice that the beloved message board has vanished into the ether. The hope is that our discussion topics will stem from all of the articles in the pop culture section. Lots of places to interact with each other on this nice shiny new corner of the interwebs and we'll hope that you agree.

So welcome! Kick your feet up, grab a beer, start exploring, drop a comment or two, and enjoy!

Posted on February 28, 2014 .